Sunday, January 30, 2011


...Some people may say that I am, after hearing about my adventure from yesterday.

I went on a hike with my good friends Christal and Daniel....yes, 6 months pregnant...

It wasn't a long fact, we had to cut it short because of the killer mosquitoes that were eating Christal and I alive! Thank goodness for the girls that gave us bug spray, so it was a lot more pleasant on our way back....but by that time we had a TON of horrible bites already...

A HUGE THANKS to both Daniel and Christal for taking turns carrying Noa on their backs!!!
I really don't think I could have gone on this hike carrying him the whole way...

We were surrounded by beautiful wooded scenery, a side of Hawaii I hadn't yet experienced.

...some interesting vegetation....

We went through some farms located behind the campus to get to the trail head...

I got much needed exercise and fresh air! felt so good to get out and be so close to nature.
so do I think I'm crazy for doing this?? ....Not at all!!
Overall, it was a fabulous day and an amazing hike! (minus the killer mosquitoes)

Plus, I got some amazing twigs/sticks out of it for my next project! ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

More projects & some random thoughts...

 Pillows 2 & 3 are done!

Take a look.....
Rosettes are super easy to make and this simple pink pinstripe helps to tone down the other rather loud prints and designs on my couch...

I got the idea for this pillow from ...Vanessa at V and Co.
I just made the ruffles a little wider, and only on one side of the pillow.
I'm very excited about how it turned out, even though Chad thinks it's too girlie ;)

Testing out the new pillow.
...I think he likes it too :D

All of my sewing was done on this beauty... friend Christal's vintage sewing machine.
She sews perfectly  and looks lovely too.
Thanks, Christal for letting me use your sewing machine!!

My next project I have planned is also super simple, yet super cute:

I made these paper roses using card stock and the spiral paper method.
I plan on making this:
by Dozi Design
Now, I just need to find some good twigs and branches lying around.....not so easy when you live on a tropical island with only one season all year-round.

On a more random note......

Noa fell asleep after having lunch in his high chair
I always have been envious of his long eye lashes...and today they seem to go on for miles.

Hubby is taking a photography class I jealous? YES...
He also took a photography class in high school
This photo was taken in his HS photography class and got high remarks.
It even got entered into a contest and was displayed in the library for everyone to see.
Appropriately titled: "Got milk?"  :)

oh, how I love my boys!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabulous finds & Apt decor

So what does a mom minus a child do with all that free time??

aside from working, sleeping, eating....etc, I have been frantically trying to decorate our rather drab and old apartment...planning, sewing, shopping, crafting...phew! SO much work!

Here is what I have come up with so far!

 I first found this fabulous idea HERE.
And when I came across these adorable plates, I just had to try it out!
I LOVE secondhand/thrift stores and these fabulous finds!
 all you need are cute decorative and functional plates...
 vases, candle holders, etc. for the stands....some epoxy, and voila!
 It's an easy, simple and inexpensive project that I just LOVE!


We have this awkward, impractical space in our living room wall, so I made this aqua curtain to cover it up! - and with some leftover fabric, made these flower curtain ties....

Now, onto pillow covers!
I have 3 pillows I have to cover, and 1 accent pillow to make.
and only the first pillow cover is completed!

It's reversible (?)  ... :)
...the details:
For an easy tutorial on zippered pillow cases....go here.

And last (for this post), but not least.....
my MUGs!!!
(we had these random hooks under our rather HIGH cabinets - what better to hang on them than fun, colorful mugs?)

Have I told you that I LOVE second-hand stores?!

Well, that's it for now....but there are plenty more projects that I am working on, so stay tuned!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something that made me smile today...

As some of you may know, Chad and Noa have been visiting Chad's family in Vegas for the past 3 days {and yes, left ME all by myself on the island...}
I have missed them SO MUCH! more than I ever thought possible...
They just sent this to me and I wanted to share it with all of you, because it brightened up my day, and made me smile.

also, our dear friends, the Toma family, visited them today....
and Noa got to see his adorable girlfriend, Miu-chan :D

I so wish I could have been there.

Love you all!!!! and miss you tons!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Noa's newest tricks

Noa is now 16 1/2 months old! wow, how time flies!
He is growing and learning everyday.....
His newest accomplishments and tricks include:

*being able to say: fishy, waffle, feet, phone, ball, bouncing...

*going down the stairs facing forward (scary at times, but he's getting better)

...and the best part is he says "peeeeeeee" while he does it :D
oh, he is so Japanese!

I am also VERY proud to announce that our little man is really bilingual!
here is the proof:
A little background - we never actually taught him English body parts....only Japanese.
"anyo" (or Noa's "aniii") means foot/feet in Japanese baby language
"otete" (or "titi") means hand(s)

I am one proud mama

Love you Noa!!