About Me

hi there. I'm Megumi.

And this is my blog.
  I blog about pretty much everything.
it's my journal/scrapbook/cookbook/craft-sew-...everything-book.

I love my life as a wife to my best friend, a mother to my two energetic but A-dorable boys.

I am a photo-a-holic...my camera goes wherever I go.

I like to eat, I like to sing, I like to laugh. 
I cook, bake, and do my own thing in the kitchen. 
I love to travel. 

I love to sew, create and refashion. 
Anything vintage makes me happy. 
I draw, paint and get crafty whenever I can, as often as my crazy life with 2 boys allows... but Family always comes first. 

I love living in Hawaii and I love my surfer of a husband.


 Welcome to OUR life.
Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

    your family is so perfectt :D
    you're absolutely AMAZING at photography!! and making food omg they look so goood! xD
    what camera do you use?
    ohh and Noa looks like mini Teppei Koike in a way...sooo adorable!
    and Kai's reallly really cute too!
    mmk back to studying for midterms :$