Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Another Day at the Park...

Going to the park has become a weekly activity for Noa and I (and sometimes, Daddy)
This last time, Noa tried out a couple new

The SWING set
which...he was uncomfortable with at first...
But you could say that he "warmed" up to it...
and maybe even enjoyed it a little
juuuust a little...
Oooooh yeah, he was out COLD!

He also tried....

the Slide
or more like he was forced onto the slide...
I think it freaked him out a little a lot!
{I love his terrified look and static-y hair}

It was just another {fantastic/fun/fabulous} day at the park for our little family.
{Audrey-Hepburn-esque, no?}

{*Videos to come soon* so stay tuned*}

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Yushi!!

Today is my little brother's birthday!
He turned 19 today! wooohooooooo!

I am so proud of everything he's accomplished - including, finishing his first year at Univerisity of Michigan! He is smart, kindhearted, and stubborn (as heck) - but we love him to death!

{excuse Noa's face in this picture, he really was happy to be with uncle Yushi}

Happy Birthday, Yushi!

Love, Chad, Megumi and NOA

Saturday, April 24, 2010

:My latest projects:2:

These were also gifts....
I sent them to my little sister in Michigan for her birthday!

They are....

The first one is a checkered rose with tool - the flower was actually a trial run for a rose for my friend's bridesmaids dresses {so it was not needed for the actual dresses, but it was too cute to throw away, so I made it into a headband} and i think it turned out adorable!

The second one is a simple black and white polka dot bow....simple and cute

Yuka called me today to tell me how much she loved them, and that just made my day!!
 I love how they turned out, but it means so much more that my sister likes them :D

:My latest projects:

Our good friends, Satomi and Kuni, are having a baby girl!!!
Last night I went to Satomi's baby latest projects were my gifts :D
A baby blanket 

I have been working on a quilt for THE longest time, and I finally decided that it would be a cuter baby blanket than a twin-size I chopped it in half and made this adorable baby blanket! {plus, I have the other half to keep for my future baby :D}
The reverse side has a soft, velvety fleece with a rose pattern embossed into it...

I also made matching
attachments (?) to go above her crib
When I first decided to make this, I had NO idea what it was going to look like or how it would all come together, but I am very excited about the end result!
Since they already had a mobile attached to the bassinet, I just made these to replace the not-so-cute bears that hung on the spinning thing {am I making sense??}

Anyway, Satomi liked them both, so I'm happy :D
I can't wait for their baby to be born!!!!!!

Some pictures from the shower....
"It's a Girl" yummy!
the girls {the stickers on our faces were from a game}
Playing baby shower games! So fun....the second to last picture is of me "feeding" Satomi baby food - the objective of the game was to guess the flavors of the baby food. YUM! :p

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Yuka!

What an exciting day!
Today is also my baby sister's birthday!
{but she isn't a baby any more....she turned 15 today}

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!

We love you

8 Months!

Today, my baby boy turned 8 months old!

Happy 8th month Birthday, Noa!

now, Noa.......

*has 5 total teeth, and his 6th on the way
*stands up barely holding on to anything (I swear, any day now he's going to stand...)
*clicks (clucks) his tongue...its so cute!
*can wave bye-bye
*"talks" and laughs more than ever!
*sleeps through the night
*loves the water....bath and pool!
*still hates grass
*is a fast crawler...I can't take my eyes off him for even a second!!

[just love this little boy!]

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pool Time!

We went to the pool for Family Home Evening last night!
It was Noa's first time in the pool, and he loved it!

{All ready for the pool, in his brand new sandals from GGrandma Betty}

When we first got to the pool, he was a little scared, a little apprehensive...
But he got used to it very quickly, and even started to enjoy it a little!

We even dunked him under....

He didn't cry at all!!!!

by the end of the night, he was kicking and smiling in the water! He LOVED it!!

After we were all done, we watched our champion swimmer, Daddy, swim laps around the pool
I hope Noa will end up becoming a great swimmer like Daddy!

It was such a fun family activity!

Monday, April 12, 2010

♥ Photoshop... amateur photographer's best friend!
I've been experimenting with it lately (with different actions and features) and I have just been having so much fun! I have learned A TON, and Im absolutely in love with Photoshop (CS4)!

I thought I would post a few pictures up {before and after} to show what amazing things this little program can do! so Enjoy!! ♥ 

{my bridals taken by Yoko

 This is not all of it, but I will spare you from having to scroll through any more pictures!
There will be more to come, so stay tuned~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We made......

Navajo Tacos last night...with our good friends Matt & Tazbaa, and McKenzie & Ryan
and it was SO Yummy!!

{doesn't that look delicious?!}

I shouldn't really say that we made the tacos -technically, Tazbaa made them, and "we ate" them...
She did all the work - from making the bread dough and frying it to making homemade chili! 
It was all soooo delicious! Thanks Tazbaa!!

{Ryan, McKenzie & their baby Adrielle, Tazbaa & Matt, Chad & ME - Noa was there too, just sleeping}

After dinner, four of us played a game of MAD GAB - so fun!
....and Chad played a game of "camouflage"....

It was a fun night! We had such a great time :D

For a previous date night with Matt & Tazbaa, we made....

I forgot to post pictures from that night, and the crepes turned out waaay too good not to, so here they are:

{don't they look heavenly? - they sure tasted like it!}



My photoblog has a NEW look! Go check it out here!
I worked on it last night, and I finally got it the way I want it.
and I really LOVE it ~ I hope you like it too!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day at the Park☆

We went to the park today. {Yipee!!} We just had to, because the weather was SO gorgeous!
The sun was bright, and it was nice and warm {don't let the snow on the mountains fool you ;)}

While at the park, we discovered something very interesting ~ Noa hates the grass!
When we put him down on the grass without a blanket, he would try to put his hands down to crawl but quickly retract them and cry for one of us to pick him up...

It was so cute! But after a while we felt bad so we gave in and put him back on the blanket....

Other than the grass problem, Noa loved being outside and playing in the sun!

Such a handsome boy! We love him so much!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy News

I have some very exciting news....{one that our families and a few others already knew}
but we are moving in the fall - and this is where we will be living starting next September...

Oahu HAWAII...better known as {Paradise}!

We are SO very excited, but also sad that we will be leaving so many great friends behind here in P-town {so call us up before we leave! ;) }

The reason we are going there, is mainly for Chad to finish school...and what better place to do that at but at BYU-H, where the campus is smaller, faculty and student relationships are closer, and the surroundings/attitude are so relaxing and calming {ALOHA spirit}...Chad and I both felt that not only will he be able to study what he wants to there, but he will enjoy it much better.
And for me, its a much needed (and welcomed) change {been in Utah waaaaay too long!}

I am especially excited for Noa to be able to have the experience of living in Hawaii, and be a brown Hawaiian baby! He'll be so cute and dark

I also can't wait for the beautiful weather....
to be able to relax by the beach, drinking this:
and be able to visit here:

to try out this:
also to see sites like:
{raibow falls}
and maaaybe....
{volcanoes national park}
but definitely...beautiful sunsets like:

...and to be able to take my own pictures of it all!...
I am very very excited about it

wellll....wish us luck! :D