Sunday, March 28, 2010


So this is my AMAZING 7-month old - waving bye-bye
{although, I don't think he actually knows what he is doing...}

When I was talking to my family on Skype the other day, I was trying to get him to do it for them, but he wouldn' I just wanted to show "proof" that he can do it - it's just up to what kind of mood he's in! (even in this video, he wasn't really "in the mood"...haha)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

{A Year in Photos} by ME!

So I have decided to do something recently....I have decided to start a photoblog!
 I know Im hardly qualified...but, photography has been a hobby of mine for a long time - one that I'm trying to excel at and get better in...
I still need a nice camera...and a LOT more training (skill-wise), but I didn't want to just wait around!
This is something small, and simple, but it will help me to get more practice and brush up my photography skills > and I want all of you to come on the journey with me!
So go check out my photoblog:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Surprise, Surprise...

Noa's top left tooth is out! Out and about...
ok, it's not the most attractive picture ever of my baby, but thats the best i could do...

This time around, Noa was waaaaay fussy......yeah, not fun, not fun at all! Last time, I couldn't tell AT ALL that he was teething, so it was a huge surprise...this time I was expecting it to come....hoping that it would come, so that he wouldn't be so fussy!

A little update on our day yesterday...after going on a nice little walk to the duck pond... boys watching the duckies...
It was a bit chilly, but a lovely day nonetheless

...and receiving beautiful flowers in the morning...

We went out for dinner to this amaaazing place called 
Terra Mia!
{a casual Italian place with AMAZING delicious FANTABULOUS food!}
and we had...
Pesto Pizze 

and for dessert~
 delicious bigne and gelato (white chocolate and cookies n' cream flavor)!
SOOOOO GOOD! {I'm still craving it today for lunch}
~ I recommend it to anyone who loves real Italian food ~

We came home and spent a nice, quiet rest of the night together, ALL 3 of us!

Monday, March 22, 2010

*The best TwO years*

It is our two-year anniversary today! It has truly been the BEST 2 years of my life!!
We have been through so much together, and I can't wait to experience the rest of my life with him!

I love you, Chad!

This morning, I woke up to a beee-a-utiful arrangement of flowers:
and to a happy baby....(always a plus)
The day could not have started out more perfect!

Happy 2 year Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

7 months!

Wow, 7 months already! Time goes by SO fast I can't believe it!!

Happy SeVeN Month Birthday, Noa!

(watching NCAA basketball game with Daddy)

7 month Noa:

*has his top teeth coming in! - the left one has come through already!
*can eat a whole jar of baby food - LoVEs veggies!
*crawls, sits, and stands (holding on) perfectly on his own
*can "high-five" mommy
*knows his name - looks at you when you call his name!
*Loves MUSIC♪ and listening to mommy sing♪
*HuMs his own "music"♪
*Loves crinkling paper
*hates being by himself
*is a FUN baby to have aroung - I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

little Squirt

One lovely day, a while back, Chad and I were browsing through our many favorite channels - "chillaxin'" on the couch as we often do....we flipped on the Discovery channel right in time for a special about the Ocean...{Chad and I > we are ocean-LoveRs}...this particular program had a segment on sea turtles - and when this image came up on the screen...
we both looked at each other and called out "Noa!" the same time
...Many of you may not see it, but ever since then it's been sort of an inside joke to us...
Look at the mouth (or beak), and the eyes!

Meet our little sea turtle....Our little "Squirt"
...maybe Noa will live to be over 150 years old......juuust maybe...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Latest Developments

There's never just one thing I can report on a blog post....I have to list every little thing that has happened in our lives! ~ so here it goes:

I can't express enough how AMAZED I am of my little boy...

This past weekend we were over at our friends' house for a dinner and a movie...[Thanks Kuni and Satomi!! We had so much fun!]...anyway, they have these 4 steps going up from their movie theater (yup pretty sweet :D) to the main level in the basement. The set-up is pretty awesome ~ but even cooler was the fact that Noa could climb UP those stairs!!!!!! too bad I didn't have my good camera there to capture the moment, but thank goodness for a cell phone with camcorder capabilities!

Ever since he "stood up" on his own [Feb post] he is always trying to grab onto something to stand up!!
Everyday, in his playpen...

BTW, it's Chad video taping AND trying to make Noa fall!

This past month we've graduated Noa from just rice/rice cereal to some veggies!
First, we tried fresh carrots (boiled and mashed) but he didn't like it very I bought some jarred baby food and he doesnt mind it as least he eats it!

I LOVE the face he makes! Priceless...

And of course, More PiCTURES! Enjoy :D

First "food" throw-up...YuM...

Noa thought it was pretty funny...

I "promised" Chad I wouldn't put these pictures up...but theyre too funny not to! ...Sorry babe!!

Before going on a walk..."so he wouldn't go anywhere " - Chad

"well, good morning SunShiNe"
...baaad case of bed head...

Last, but not least, my latest project:

A yellow rose's kinda huge, I know...but I like it