Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Noa's birthday bash.

Again, sorry for the delayed posts. I'm trying to get better at this posting-on-time thing....
bear with me.

This was my sweet little Noa's 2-year birthday party.
I am so grateful for all of our family and friends that came and celebrated this special day with us. You guys made this day that much more special! but mostly, I am grateful for this energetic, fun and extremely sweet little boy in my life.

 Happy Birthday toddler Noa!
Can't wait to see what this next year brings you.

Love you lots and LOTS.

mommy, daddy, and Kai Kai

Monday, August 22, 2011

Not for the faint of heart.

Yesterday was probably one of the happiest AND saddest day of my little Noa's life.

Happy: he turned another year older and is now 2!!
Happy: we had an amazing birthday party with close family and friends.
Happy: he got lots and lots of gifts from everybody!
Happy: he got to eat all the sweets his little heart desired (a rare occasion)
Happy: he got to video chad (via google+) with his jiji and baba, his cousin, and some of his aunts and uncles scattered all over the world...

....so why the sadness....?

Sad: he went from baby to boy. he is growing up waay too fast.
Sad: he probably won't remember the party that I put so much time and effort into....lol (it was well worth it!)

SAD: we said goodbye to his beautiful, soft, shiny, luscious....

baby curls.

apologies to those of you who voted "no" to cutting his hair.....
just fyi, we have been debating this issue for over a year, so it was in no ways an easy decision....I fought it all the way down to the last second.

because I knew that it would never grow back like this....

Chad gave me an ultimatum. It's either we cut it now, or we wait til his 3rd birthday to cut it. I knew that this (the length it is here) was the absolute longest that I wanted him to have...and couldn't imagine letting it get any longer and harder to manage. I made one of the hardest decisions of my mommy-life to part with his lovely locks. 

It might not look like it in these photos, but I was crying...my heart was breaking every second.

and then


No turning back now...

So I cut. 

 and I cut.
 and I CUT.


...there was no baby anymore...

just a little boy, ready to take on the world....

Noa's long curly hair had become such a big part of him...and his character...I am still trying to get used to this look (don't get me wrong, I like it. it is still cute. just a different kind of cute.)

No matter  how long or short your hair is, Mommy will still love you just the same. And you will always be my Noa.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A "little late" Birthday Tribute.

I finally got a minute to do a little mini photo shoot with Kai for his 3-month.
I wanted to share a few of the photos, along with some of his latest developments:

At 3 months, baby Kai Kai:

*can lift and hold his head up really well.
*can do mini-push-ups while on his tummy.
*smiles and even giggles sometimes.
*is able to sit up with assistance.
*can bear a little weight on his legs.
*loves being held. hates being left alone.
*has found his thumb.
*can blow bubbles.
*is so ticklish!

Now on to the good stuff. enjoy his sweet little face.

Love LoVe LOVE this little angel!

for more photos from his photo shoot, go to my photog or click here.