Friday, July 31, 2009

Prego update - 37 WEEKS!!

I just had my 37-week appointment yesterday. We got lucky and got another ultrasound! This one wasnt as fun as the 20wk ultrasound because the baby is so big now and he's in his final head-down position. We didnt get any good pictures for that reason BUT they were able to tell me that the baby is growing according to whats considered "normal" and that he is APPROXIMATELY 6 1/2 pounds!!! Thats almost how much I weighed when I was BORN! The doctor said that he'll probably grow another 100+grams each week from now till he's born. I was VERY excited to hear that everything looked normal and the baby is healthy and growing because MY overall weight hasnt been going up too much the last few weeks and everyone that hears how far along I am freaks out at how SMALL I am! It was just reassuring to say the least...

Ill keep updating my baby-status so stay tuned!

Baby Projects!

With all my spare time that I've had plenty of lately, my favorite thing to do has been SEWING! My concentration - Baby Items! So far I have made a receiving blanket and a nursing cover. and it has been so much fun! Not only does it help me to take my mind off of my hubby not being here...but I feel very productive and not so LAZY like I used to feel...I can't wait to use them when my little guy gets here!!

This is the nursing cover that I made...I got the idea here but made a few changes myself like...instead of using heavy home decor fabric, I used light cotton fabric but lined the inside so that it would hold its shape better...and I also added a pocket and some cute buttons (that serves no other purpose...) Oh!...and I made it a little shorter, cuz well, as you all know Im not a very lengthy person... :D

My second project is this cute receiving blanket...

I also got the idea from the same creative person here...making my own changes with this one too. I didnt use rick rack (the squiggly stuff around the edges) and I added more than just one applique...those were the funnest to do!

This is the reverse side...

Now, on to my next project! - a Boppy pillow cover! :D ..Ill post pictures when I finish it

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Superstar Husband...?

So apparently a couple days ago while Chad was out working, two random people told him that he looks like Landon Donovan. At first he didnt know how to react or what to think because he didnt even know who he he googled him and found out he is a famous soccer player who in fact does resemble him in a way...

For me personally, I dont think that they look that much alike...but I can see why people would say that too. Maybe its the hairline....sorry babe, I know you dont like me talking about that... ;)

My favorite tho is this one - This picture screams "chad" to me:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Less than a month to go!

It's been 4 days since moving into Chad's parent's house here in Vegas - by myself, might I add...but it has been great. They have cleared up two bedrooms for us so that the baby can have his own room when he comes in was so nice of them! Since moving here, I've been trying to get ready for the baby the best that I can and prepare myself mentally physically and emotionally for that big day ahead. Im now 36 weeks along and all my doctor's appointments from here on are only a week apart.

I am reading alot and learning alot more about the delivery day and how to adjust to being a new parent. It is a definitely scary to think about, but so exciting at the same time!

I recommend this book to all pregnant women and their husbands - or even those that are just thinking about getting pregnant ;) I was lucky to be given this book by my first doctor because I dont know that I would have gotten it for myself if I wasn' is seriously a great book!

Well, here I am bigger than ever, but loving every minute of it!! His movements are getting stronger and bigger as the days go by...some of those little kicks really hurt! Thinking about how our little one is growing and how much closer it's getting to that big day, makes me so happy and so excited!